Step into the forefront of technological advancement at the ConstructAI Hackathon, where pioneers of artificial intelligence converge to revolutionize industries and redefine possibilities


Dear Students and Faculty Members,
We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity that has emerged for those passionate about the intersection of artificial intelligence, technology, and the construction industry. In collaboration with and sponsored by Dovec Ventures, we invite you to participate in the ConstructAI Hackathon. This event promises to challenge, inspire, and offer unparalleled opportunities to innovate and excel.

Event Highlights:

This hackathon is a chance to apply your knowledge, collaborate with peers, and potentially kick-start a career in a field ripe for innovation. We strongly encourage our brilliant minds to take this opportunity to represent our university and showcase our commitment to technological advancement and innovation.

Participation Information:

To learn more about the event and to register your team, please visit the official event page: We encourage all interested students and faculty to review the event guidelines carefully and register their teams at the earliest. The deadline for registration is fast approaching, and we wouldn’t want you to miss this extraordinary opportunity.

In this event you will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, engage in real-world challenges, and possibly pave the way for a future career in an exciting field.

We are looking forward to seeing our university represented at the ConstructAI Hackathon and to cheering on all participants as they showcase our community’s talent and ingenuity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Current university students at North Cyprus universities.

Do I need to be a computer science or engineering student?

No, but we'll expect the applicants to have strong understanding the current trends in AI, LLMs, and how to use them or combine them effectively.

Do I need a team?

We'll fast-track team applications, but we'll also consider individual applications. If you're applying as an individual and you're selected for the hachathon, we'll form a team for you with other individuals.

Do I need programming skills?

If you have strong programming skills, you'll be in advantegous position. However, if you've previously used no-code or low-code tools and built impressive demos your application will also be considered.

How can I get there?

There will be a shuttle that will set off from Nicosia early in the morning at 9am.

Will accommodation be provided?

Yes, successful applicants will be staying at Courtyard Iskele for 2 nights.

What's the prize?

There will be prizes up to 150,000TL to be won by teams across different categories. There will be also internship and job opportunities under CMND, and Dovec Ventures organizations.

Is there an interview process?

Yes, the shortlisted candidates will be invited for an online interview.

What do I need to submit?

Please fill the application form at, make sure you provide all the projects and relevant links to highlight your skillset to increase your chance.

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